Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nashville Storm Damage - Restoring Your Carpets

By Jamie Shelley

6 Oct. 2016

Putting your home back together after it has spent hours underwater or in the rain due to structural damage is extremely difficult. Paper is ruined in minutes and many fabrics (curtains and drapes) are bled of their color in just an hour or two. Fortunately, Tennessee homeowners have an ally.

SERVPRO has some of the most extensively trained people in the restoration business. Helping Nashville recover from storm damage isn't just a paycheck for us. As a locally owned franchise operation, we're proud to serve our neighbors and get their homes back to a livable condition.

After paper and fabrics, carpets are the next item to be ruined by storm water. We have six different carpet cleaning methods depending on how soiled they are; the longer a carpet is soaking in dirty water (and storm water is filthy) the more steps we will take.  If our technicians can remove water quickly enough, then all you may need is a simple hot water extraction. For slightly more soiled carpets, there is shampooing (for low pile carpets) or the bonnet method which involves a minimum of water and a special polypropylene pad on a shampoo machine.

For carpets that may have been soaking in dirtier water and/or overnight, we begin with a deluxe pre-conditioner and rinse. This is followed by a hot water extraction and then a shampoo if needed.  For carpets that were in filthy water and maybe even have spent hours or days under mud, we have our Showcase method that is the most thorough method in the restoration industry with specialized chemical cleaners. Once those are applied and given time to work, we follow that up with a rotary jet extractor. This is the carpet equivalent of a car wash power wand. Then comes the deluxe pre-conditioner and rinse. This is followed by a hot water extraction if required.

SERVPRO of Wilson County is proud to serve our neighbors and fellow business owners. Call us today at 615-449-5000 to take care of any damage you may already have suffered or want to get ahead of the next thunderstorm.

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